Styled Bridal Winter Shoot

Y’all, i seriously get to work with some of the best in the wedding business!

I had a whole vision for this shoot, and all these vendors trusted me and it turned out incredibly beautiful!

Cant thank all of you enough for always collaborating with me, and trusting me to capture each of your talents!



Dress: Tesori Bridal in Fayetteville

Model: Madeline Childs of Fayetteville

Bouquet: Jules Design event florals in Fayetteville

Hair/ Makeup: Shea at Crown Beauty Bar in Fayetteville

 dsc_4696 2016-12-12_0002dsc_4692

dsc_4912-2dsc_4703 2016-12-12_0001dsc_4712 dsc_4716 dsc_4733 dsc_4735-2  dsc_4746 dsc_4754 dsc_4769 2016-12-12_0003dsc_4770  dsc_4785  dsc_4810 dsc_4814 2016-12-12_0004dsc_4825 dsc_4842  dsc_4855 dsc_4861-2 dsc_4865 dsc_4869 dsc_4871 dsc_4873 dsc_4880 dsc_4898 2016-12-12_0005dsc_4906 dsc_4911   dsc_4913-2 dsc_4917 dsc_4926 dsc_4931 2016-12-12_0007dsc_4933 dsc_4934 dsc_4946 dsc_4979 dsc_4977 dsc_4965

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