Engaged | Emily + Kaylor

This session, was a total dream!

Emily and Kaylor are getting married at Rockford Grange in November, so we decided that, that was the perfect spot for their engagement session!

We started out in their canoe, and it was seriously a scene out of the “Notebook”. Then, i decided to ask if they could possible stand up in their canoe, which Kaylor, was super confident and stood right up, so i was like, ok, yeah this is going to be an epic shot, then y’all, the whole canoe flipped over! 10min into their session, and they were soaked, HA!

So, we ended up shooting two days later to finish their session, and it was the most PERFECT weather and sunset!

What an adventure! I seriously love my job, and love my clients, even when i ask them to do dumb things! HA!



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